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iRich Bingo: A Comprehensive Guide to JILI Games on Betso88

iRich Bingo by JILI Games: Why It’s the 5th Ranked Casino Game Captivating Filipinos

iRich Bingo by JILI Games: A Top-Ranked Casino Game in the Philippines – Unraveling the Charm That Captivates Filipino Gamers.

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Hit Bingo Game

If Filipino want to play a bingo game. It will only be iRich Bingo.

betso88_irich bingo

For advanced

iRich Bingo is suitable for advanced players.

betso88_irich bingo

1500X bonus

Up to 1500X bonus!

betso88_irich bingo


When WILD BALL appears, players can choose the ball with the highest odds.

JILI’s iRich Bingo on Betso88 offers a significant profit potential, allowing players to cash in on almost 20 bingo cards simultaneously. With a modest bet ranging from ₱2 to ₱5, it’s possible to bag bonuses of over ₱3000 in just 10 minutes. But iRich Bingo isn’t your typical slot game. Its strategic demands set it apart, making it more suited for advanced players. Beginners might find themselves overspending due to lack of strategy in card selection and betting, quickly draining their funds. It’s clear that iRich Bingo at Betso88 is a game of both risk and reward, necessitating strategic prowess for fruitful outcomes.

iRich Bingo is for advanced players

Seeking a thrilling challenge? Dive into iRich Bingo on Betso88! Our team offers expert insights and tips to navigate this captivating game. By the end of our guide, you’ll be equipped with in-depth knowledge of iRich Bingo.

Eager for unparalleled bingo excitement? Betso88’s iRich Bingo is the apex of gaming exhilaration. Not only does the game promise enthralling gameplay, but our seasoned professionals at Betso88 also curate tailored strategies to maximize your winning potential. Each tip is a result of rigorous analysis and gameplay understanding. Embark on this journey, and you’ll not only relish the thrill but also arm yourself with mastery over iRich Bingo’s nuances. Dive in, play smart, and elevate your bingo experience to new heights.

Master JILI’s iRich Bingo: Quick Betso88 Guide

It is easy, try to make the bingo line and that’s it!

betso88_irich bingo

1. 5×3=15 blocks, fill in them with numbers 1~75. Players can pick 1~20 bingo cards, they are between ₱1~₱50 each. When you click start button png 30 numbers will be chosen from the lottery box.

2. Once you fulfill the bingo line, you can get the correlated bonus!

iRich Bingo interface

1. Bingo card area:

betso88_irich bingo

In this section of Betso88’s iRich Bingo, view your purchased card, ranging from 1 to 20. Unsatisfied with your card numbers? Click “Change” to reshuffle. Once set, hit “START.”

2. Lottery ball and the bingo line area:

betso88_irich bingo

When players hit “START” on Betso88’s iRich Bingo, the lottery box begins to randomly release numbers until 30 are drawn. To view bingo lines, refer to the red-marked boards atop the interface.

3. Extra ball area:

When the 30 numbers are all drawn and you are close to BINGO, you can buy 10 extra balls! (The price is labeled on the ball.)

betso88_irich bingo

4. Possibility area

betso88_irich bingo

On the left-hand side of the Betso88’s iRich Bingo interface lies the probability section, showcasing the top three colored balls with corresponding rewards:

  • Ball #30 yields a ₱420 bonus.
  • Ball #45 offers a ₱220 bonus.
  • Ball #63 grants a ₱156 reward. The cumulative potential bingo profit stands at ₱1038.

iRich Bingo special prize functions intro

1. WILD ball

betso88_irich bingo

In Betso88’s iRich Bingo, there exists a chance for a “WILD ball” to emerge among the supplementary balls. Upon its appearance, players are prompted to assign a number to the WILD ball, choosing from the top 1-4 numbers associated with the “bingo amount.” If a choice isn’t made within 10 seconds, the system intelligently selects the number correlating to the highest bonus on their behalf.

2. Special bonus

betso88_irich bingo

Within Betso88’s iRich Bingo, three distinct bonuses await players, with one awarded at random. To ascertain the present timeline, click the illustrious golden bonus. Accumulate additional bingo lines to activate the bonus round, wherein players choose between 1 to 3 coins from a set of 8, securing their bonus reward.

3. Free ball

betso88_irich bingo

When you buy extra balls, there will be a chance that a free ball appears, then you can get another extra ball for free. (The system will pick one automatically if the player doesn’t choose.)

Mastering JILI’s iRich Bingo: Key Tips

This game demands keen attention, and novice players might face challenges due to two primary factors:

Reason 1: Over-purchasing bingo cards.

Reason 2: Inconsistent wagering strategy.

Take it slow, analyze the game carefully. Here are our suggestions:

Step 1: Analyze the draw and determine the viability of acquiring an additional ball post the initial lottery box draw.


betso88_irich bingo
  • Already got 2 bingo lines
  • There are many possibilities for a bingo line, which means more bonus
  • Very close to getting bingo
  • Already got most of the golden bonus
  • When the extra ball is cheap (Why not?)

Don’t Buy EXTRA:

betso88_irich bingo
  • Not very expecting bingo lines
  • You will profit from a positive value after the 30 numbers are drawn, and you can consider continuing the next round
  • After 2–3 extra balls, you still don’t get significant bingo lines
  • Profit in positive value after purchasing extra balls, and you can consider proceeding to the next round

Step 2: Triad of Game Observations

For optimal gameplay, players are advised to meticulously monitor three pivotal components: the “ball number/bonus amount,” the “golden bonus,” and the “current winning points.” This scrutiny should be undertaken post-initiation of each round and subsequent to any supplementary ball acquisition, ensuring game mastery.

Step 3: Calibrating the Equilibrium between Bingo Card Quantity and Betting Strategy.

8 cards at ₱5 each: This setup is optimal for novice players. Choosing a minimum of 8 cards augments the likelihood of favorable outcomes. Given the elevated wagering amount, meticulous monitoring of card addition and removal dynamics is paramount. This structure facilitates beginners’ nuanced observation of each game facet.

12 cards at ₱2 each: As players acclimatize to the selection dynamics and pacing of iRich Bingo, augmenting card count to 12 while reducing the card unit price to ₱2 proves strategic. This not only elevates the success odds but also sustains cost efficiency. Such an approach facilitates a gradual familiarity with the multitudinous bingo card configurations, priming players for eventual wagers on a full 20-card array.

20 cards at ₱2 each: It’s our aspiration that players acclimate to the cadence of wagering on a full 20-card setup, representing the configuration with the zenith of winning prospects. Securing the grand prize on a singular card has the potential to counterbalance minor winnings across several cards. As proficiency escalates, players might consider augmenting the stake per card, ranging from ₱3 to ₱10.

Step 4. Others

  • Pick your EXTRA BALL
    Pick your EXTRA BALL in iRich Bingo
  • Players can choose their position of 10 extra balls. We found that WILD ball is particularly easy to appear in the yellow area in the middle, and barely in the position in the bottom right corner.

  • Wear earphone
    Attuning oneself to the audio cues in JILI’s iRich Bingo is paramount, given the intricate nature of the gameplay. Sound effects serve as vital indicators, aiding players in discerning the ongoing game dynamics. A brief background score heralds a successful linkage. Should this melody persist through successive connections, it often portends the imminent possibility of clinching a grand prize.

  • What done is done
    JILI’s iRich Bingo game demands substantial cognitive engagement from its participants. Every acquisition of an additional ball carries an inherent expense, and the allure of persisting in pursuit of victory is compelling. Yet, a discerning player should strategically assess the ball number/bonus ratio, the golden bonus, and the prevailing winning points to ascertain game continuation or termination. This discernment is paramount for evolving into an adept player and curtailing excessive monetary losses.

Where to Experience iRich Bingo in the Philippines?

iRich Bingo, standing tall among the premier quintet of JILI Games, has garnered monumental traction among aficionados. For those in the Philippines, Betso88 Casino boasts the most extensive suite of JILI Games, prominently featuring the authentic latest edition of iRich Bingo. For a sublime bingo gaming encounter, Betso88 Casino remains the unparalleled choice.

It’s crucial to discern that while myriad casinos might purport to be official purveyors of JILI Games, their claims lack veracity. JILI exclusively sanctions its genuine games, making them available only to legitimate online casinos in the Philippines like Betso88. Here, players can relish an undisturbed gaming ambiance, free from the shadows of illicit or replicated games.

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